This page displays an overview of this website, our team and all available analyses.

The toolbar is at the top-right of the HOME page for you to login, switch to the Data Analysis page or to get the information about how to contact us.

The Navigation bar at the top of HOME page provides links to other pages in this website.

  • Data Analysis: this page provides all links to all provided analyses.
  • Analyze yours: You can analyze your own data by the tools provided by this platform.
  • User's Guide: The user's guide is available in both HTML and PDF file types.
  • Papers: a list of published research articles with the results obtained by using the analysis methods provided by ClickGene.
  • About us: Introduction of our lab, PI and members.

A brief introduction about available methods, downloadable data, update information and news is shown in this area. Pictures will automatically take turns to switch to the next one. You also can click the “Index dots” at the bottom of it to manually switch it to a certain picture you are interested in.

The bottom part of the “HOME page” is the Link area. Quick entrance to other pages of this website and the URLs of related websites are available here.

For your convenience, a secondary menu is provided for “Data Analysis” on the Navigation bar. All available analyses are accessible through it as the following figure. Please go to “Data Analysis” page introduction to see more details.

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