Analyze yours

You can analyze your own data using the tools provided in this page. Up to now, the available tools are: Bee-swarm plot, Mountain plot, Manhattan plot and Deflection plot. The brief introductions and example plots are shown in this page for your convenience.

Note: no data will be saved in our database. As long as you log out, your data will be removed immediately. Therefore, no need to worry about the security of your data. But if you want to analyze your data next time, you have to upload it again.

1.Navigation bar: You can switch to any other pages through the links provided here.

2. Tool list: The list of available tools provided by our platform for your own data. You can click the corresponding button to skip to the analyze function you want to use.

3. Overview area: This is an overview area for the introductions and examples of the available tools.

4. Link area: Necessary links are available for you to switch to other pages or websites.

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